Hybrid Classroom / Online

This blended course offers students the best of both worlds - classroom experience and self-guided learning through our very own online course. With our blended course, you only need to commit to 4 days of attending class. The rest will be completed at your own pace online. This is a great course for busy students who still want a classroom experience.

4 days of fun classroom experience includes lecture, videos, and activities on topics such as:

  • Graduated drivers licensing laws
  • Responsibility of holding a license
  • Being in shape to drive
  • Rules of the road
  • Road signs & traffic signals
  • Understanding right of way
  • Getting to know your vehicle
  • Spatial awareness
  • Emergencies
  • Collisions
  • Sharing the road
  • Navigating neighborhoods, cities & rural areas
  • Hazardous situations
  • Distracted driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Permit & probationary license requirements & restrictions

Available Packages / Schedules For This Course



  • Classroom - 8 Hrs
  • Online Course - 22 Hrs
  • Behind-the-Wheel - 6 Hrs
  • Observation - 6 Hrs
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  • Classroom - 8 Hrs
  • Online Course - 22 Hrs
  • Behind-the-Wheel - 9 Hrs
  • Observation - 9 Hrs
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  • Classroom - 8 Hrs
  • Online Course - 22 Hrs
  • Behind-the-Wheel - 12 Hrs
  • Observation - 12 Hrs
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How This Works


Watch this video to learn a little more about us and ensure that your computer or device can properly view online course videos (you may use any modern browser, including those on phone or tablet):

If your browser cannot play the video, please download the latest version of any major internet browser of your choice. We recommend one of the following:

Internet Explorer


Upon registering for your package, you will be officially enrolled with United Driving School and upon completing your classroom hours, you'll be enrolled in the online course to begin completing your instruction online. We've partnered with Teach Safe, a platform that offers tools to build web-based driver education and related content, to develop our very own online course using our classroom content and expertise to deliver you the same information you will find in our physical classrooms.


You will first attend our in-person classroom for 8 hours total, and once your classroom hours are complete, you will receive a welcome email for the online course that will instruct you to confirm your email address and set up your password to access the course. After confirming your email address and setting up your password, you may log in from then on at any time to complete your course lessons.

Please note that the link in your welcome email will expire, so please take the time to set up your account completely as soon as possible (you can always do a password reset to complete the process at a later time if it does expire).


You'll complete 8 hours over 4 days of in-person classroom instruction and will then be ready to move online and complete your remaining instruction on your own time. The online course is divided into 22 lessons, each 1 hour in length (you may complete up to two lessons/2 hours in a single day, as mandated by state regulations), with a test at the end of each lesson. You must pass the test to complete the lesson and move on to the next. Once all lessons have been completed, you will also be presented with a final test, which must be completed and passed to complete the entire course.


Upon completing your online class, you may contact us for next steps to register for behind-the-wheels.