Online Failure to Yield

Now you can take our new Failure to Yield course online - it works just like our other online packages where you can log in and take your class from anywhere at any time!

How This Works


Watch this video to learn a little more about us and ensure that your computer or device can properly view course videos (you may use any modern browser, including those on phone or tablet):

If your browser cannot play the video, please download the latest version of any major internet browser of your choice. We recommend one of the following:

Internet Explorer


Upon registering for your package, you will be officially enrolled with United Driving School and automatically enrolled in the online class. We've partnered with Teach Safe, a platform that offers tools to build web-based driver education and related content, to develop our very own online course using our classroom content and expertise.


You will receive a welcome email for the online course that will instruct you to confirm your email address and set up your password to access the course. After confirming your email address and setting up your password, you may log in from then on at any time to complete your course lessons.

Please note that the link in your welcome email will expire, so please take the time to set up your account completely as soon as possible (you can always do a password reset to complete the process at a later time if it does expire).


The course is divided into 12 lessons, for a combined total of 2 hours. You must pass a test at the end of each lesson to complete the lesson and move on to the next. Once all lessons have been completed, you will also be presented with a final test, which must be completed and passed to complete the entire course. You will be given a maximum of two tries to complete this test, as mandated by state regulations.


Upon completing your online class, we will notify the DMV of proof of completion. Again, you must successfully complete the final test to receive proof. Upon submission, please check your driving status and eligibility to reinstate your operating priviledges (if you have been suspended) at

Note: All students must complete the entire course within 12 months or will be subject to additional fees.

You're now ready to complete your enrollment in the Failure to Yield course package...

Once you are enrolled, be on the lookout for your welcome e-mail so you can get started right away!